Lectures in Theology and Science. Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (Licenza)

Kalle Oskari Juurikkala, Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

Orario: Mer 5ª-6ª

The course intends: a) to examine those contemporary scientific results and perspectives that seem to challenge our religious and theological worldview, and b) to show the significance of the discourse on God in scientific culture. The faith in God the creator of heaven and earth and the Christian proclamation of the Incarnation of the Word are assessed against the background of our knowledge of the physical cosmos, and of the evolutionary history of life and humankind on earth. The course includes both an epistemological perspective, preliminary to the dialogue between science, philosophy and theology, and a historical perspective, useful to highlight the history of the ideas involved in these three fields of knowledge. The course aims at providing an example of a Fundamental Theology in Scientific Context and is organized by the Interdisciplinary Center for Religion and Science (disf.org - inters.org).