The Mystery of the Trinity and New Evangelization (Licenza)

Giulio Maspero

Orario: Lun 5ª-6ª

The magisterium of Pope Francis continues to push for an outgoing Church capable of a new evangelisation. This course aims to provide some fundamental theological elements to carry out this mission, in particular with regard to the Trinitarian doctrine. In fact, it is an absolutely shared opinion at both theological and ecclesial level that the crisis in the evangelising activity is linked precisely to the loss of a view of the concrete life of the human being illuminated by the Trinitarian faith. In fact, it is only from the ability to show the significance of faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that we can make our contemporaries perceive the power of attraction of the Church's proclamation, which in the change of era we are experiencing is essential to preserve  our humanism in post-modernity.