Areas of Studies


Theological prospective

The framework within which the Project moves is largely that of fundamental theology, because it is a theology in context and is oriented towards serving the announcement of the Gospel.

Furthermore, according to some recent models, contemporary pastoral theology is called to develop a privileged dialogue with Fundamental theology, not only with ecclesiology, as already happened in the past. Christology is also necessarily implicated, since Jesus Christ is the center and goal of the announcement and every pastoral action must be traced back to Him.


Humanistic prospective

Various other areas of study contribute to the interdisciplinary dimension of the project. The History of Contemporary Philosophy, for its ability to show the origin and development of ideas and how they shape and determine today's mentality; the Philosophy of religion, as it delves into and testifies to the religious need of the human being and captures its fundamental forms; the Sociology of religion, because it is an irreplaceable aid for knowing the trends that characterises the relationship between man and the sacred, the search for forms of spiritual life, relationships with confessional religions, but also for understanding the dynamisms present in human society in as such. Finally, Communication sciences point out the ways and forms with which the search for spiritual life is expressed and communicated, the discourse on God can be conveyed today, and the announcement of the Gospel can reach the interlocutor in an attractive and effective way.




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